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Home: Kettler Toys, Kettler Tricycles, Kettler Trikes, Kettler Kettrikes

Kettler Tricycles

Kettler Happy Air Navigator Fly 


Kettler of Germany has been making the highest quality tricycles, pedal cars and much more since 1949.   The EXCELLENT Quality Kettler Tricycles are built to last for generations.  The finish colors stay beautiful and bright without fading or chipping.  In our own experience, the Blueberry Forest "tester" children have ridden the Kettrike Air Navigators for 8+ years now and they still look brand new (despite being left out in the weather and used frequently)!

  Kettler Top Trike Fly Tricycle
with included Pushbar
Kettler Top Trike Fly

$149.00 $119.00

Kettler Princess Navigator Tricycle
with included Pushbar
and included (detachable) Seat Belt

Kettler Princess Navigator Tricycle


Kettler Air Navigator

with included Pushbar and included (optional) Seat Belt


$267.99  $258.95

Kettler Happy Air Navigator Fly

with included Pushbar
and included (optional) Seat Belt

Kettler Happy Air Navigator Fly

$249.00 $219.00

Kettler Happy Air Navigator Stella
Kettler Happy Air Navigator Stella

$249.00  $219.00

Kettler Top Trike Stella
Kettler Top Trike Stella

$149.00 $144.99

Kettler Kiddio Falcon Fold N' Ride Tricycle
Kettler Kiddio Falcon Tricycle Fold n' Ride

$99.00  $73.00

Kettler Kiddio Ladybuggy Fold N' Ride Falcon Tricycle
Kettler Kiddo Ladybuggy Tricycle Fold n' Ride


Need help deciding which Kettler Tricycle would be perfect for your family?  See our Kettler Kettrike Tricycle Comparison Chart / Technical Data.

Kettler Air Navigator Kettrike Tricycle
with easy-in/easy-out Pushbar and included Seatbelt
Made in Germany

(Easy-to-remove/insert Push Bar Included; optional Seatbelt included)

Featuring newly designed ergonomic adustable seat, and an included, optional seatbelt, the Kettler® Air-Navigator™ Kettrike® features an ultra-sturdy design with a smooth ride on oversized, tubeless air tires with ball bearings. The Kettler Air Navigator has a Quik-Adjust™ frame (easy to accommodate the growing child or siblings of different heights)  with a low step-through design and a 3-in-1 Auto-Freewheel™ coasting pedal system. The included push bar is easy to take on and off as needed, and provides added safety and control (allowing the parent/guardian to push and steer the tricycle).  The Air Navigator also features a Parental Lock to keep the wheels going straight so the tricycle is easier to push.  The rear wheels swivel for easy steering; and the Kettrike has a low center of gravity and a limited turning radius - allowing only 45-degree turns, greatly reducing the risk of tipping.  The new Air Navigator also includes a seatbelt (and screws for easy installation.)  The seatbelt is great for younger children - also makes it easier to go for walks using the push-bar.


$267.99  $258.00

Kettler Happy Navigator Fly Tricycle
with easy-in/easy-out Pushbar
& included Seatbelt
& Bucket with included Sand Toys
Made in Germany
Kettler Happy Navigator Fly Tricycle
(Easy-to-remove/insert Push Bar Included and optional Seatbelt Included)


$199.00 $189.00


Need help deciding?  See our Kettler Kettrike Tricycle Comparison Chart / Technical Data

Kettler Tandem Insert
Quickly turn Your S-Frame Kettrike into a 2-Seater then remove the insert again to go back to a single seat tricycle.  
(No tools necessary.)

Made in Germany

See how the Tandem Insert Works

(Tandem Insert only works with the Kettler S-Frame Tricycles: Kettrike Navigator, Kettrike Air Navigator, and the Kettrike Oceana)

$89.99  $79.00


Trying to decide which Kettler Tricycle would be perfect for your family?  See our Kettler Kettrike Tricycle Comparison Chart / Technical Data.

Kettler Tricycle Accessories

Kettler Tricycle Metal Bicycle Basket


Click to Buy on Amazon

Kettler Tricycle Toe Clips (One Pair)


Click to Buy on Amazon

More about the Kettler Tricycles

We researched tricycles when we had our first child and discovered the amazing, beautiful, comfortable Kettler Air Navigator tricycle.  Eight years (and numerous little siblings later) this tricycle still gets continuous use, but still looks brand new!  The Kettrikes also have wonderful features including adjustable length (to quickly and easily - without tools - accommodate children of different heights, and allowing the tricycle to grow with your growing child), and a parent lock so that the parent can control the steering when needed (although the child still feels in control of the steering).

Have you ever taken children of different ages on a walk, with an older sibling on a bike, and a younger child on a tricycle, only to watch the older child take off on the bike while your toddler slowly meanders on the tricycle?  With most tricycles you (the parent/guardian) can't really control the speed or direction of the tricycle while your child is riding the tricycle.  However with the Kettler Air Navigator and Navigator tricycles, when you go for a walk just attach the Push Bar, then if you need to run or go faster (or just take control of steering), you can slide the parent lock in place (prevents the wheel from turning), and your child can put his or her feet on the pedals and enjoy the ride without swerving back and forth or steering against where you need to go. This gives the parent the ability to control the steering (and the speed) - while letting the child still feel like he or she has the controls.

We are also particularly fond of the jumbo-size Air Tires on the Kettler Air Navigator and the Air Happy tricycles.  Having grown up in a small Virginia town (near George Washington's Mount Vernon home) with cobblestone streets and colonial-era brick sidewalks, we still have childhood memories about how very bumpy the brick sidewalk ride was on our plain-wheel-perched-up-high tricycles.  Both sidewalks and grassy terrain are made smooth and easy with the Kettrike air tires.  The Kettler tricycles, scooters, pedal cars, and playground toys are designed in Germany, many models are made in Germany, to the highest standards - there is no wonder the Kettler toys are perennial favorites in the USA and Europe!  These timeless, classic toys are designed and built to be enjoyed for generations.

Kettler Scooters
Made in Germany

Kettler BLUE Scooter


Kettler Rolly Jr. Kid CAT Front-Loader Tractor


High quality, kid-powered pedal ride-on tractor 
(with ultra-safe, enclosed chain)

Kettler CAT Front Loader with Backhoe Excavator


With working Dual Levers - Excellent Quality - Made in Germany

Kettler CAT Excavator Digger


With working Dual Levers - Excellent Quality - Made in Germany

Kettler Kettcars
Made in Germany

Kettler Kabrio Kettcar
Made in Germany

The Kettler Kabrio Kettcar® is a chain-driven pedal car that is equipped with safety freewheeling for coasting and an easy-to-reach handbrake. The oversized, anti-slip pedals and steering wheel make it fun and easy to control, while the adjustable seat offers comfort and the all-terrain, rubberized tires provide traction.  A high-quality go-cart that grows with the child from 4 to 7 years.

Ages 4 to 7 years.

The Kettler Kabrio Kettcar® features:

* Rear wheel safety handbrake
* Completely enclosed chain guard
* Lever action for safety freewheeling and coasting
* Oversized anti-slip pedals
* Scratch and fade resistant powder coat
* All-terrain, 2 1/2-in wide, long-life rubberized tread tires
* Easy 3-bolt assembly
* Wheel Size: 7.5 in.
* Seat to Pedal: 16 to 19 in  more>

Kettler has been making exceptionally high-quality tricycles, pedal cars, ride-on toys, playground toys and more for over 55 years (since January, 1949).  Kettler is dedicated to maintaining the tradition safe, high-quality, innovative toys for which Kettler is known.  Kettler also is dedicated to putting a smile on every child's face - Kettler toys are FUN!

Safety is Kettler's Top Priority.  Kettler understands that kids are tough on their toys as they venture out to quench their curiosity and explore the world.  Kettler's engineers are leaders and pioneers in toy safety innovation.  Most of Kettler's safety features are patented features to guarantee continuous safety.  Kettler toys meet or exceed the strictest safety standards of the German TUV and comply with the requirements of EN 71-1, 1998, DIN 7926 as well as USA standard ASTM F 963-96a and ANSI Z315.1-1996 for tricycles.

Kettler's Commitment:  Kettler is committed to bringing quality, innovation, safety and value into every piece of equipment it makes.  Kettler products embody practicality and sturdiness to an outstanding degree.  Several Kettler toys have made history - for example, the Original Kettler Kettcar pedal car / mini go-karts have pedaled their way into the hearts of millions of children all over the globe since its launch in the 1960's.  The Kettcar has become part of everyday usage in Germany language; as a result, the publisher of Duden, Germany's most popular dictionary gave the Kettcar an official definition in the dictionary!  (Very few toys inhistory have merited a distinct dictionary entry.)

The Kettcar has been awarded a long list of distinctions and awards for innovation, creativity, quality and state-of-the-art technology, in Germany and around the world.  Kettler toys are heirloom quality toys designed and built to be enjoyed for generations!


Thank you for your interest in our extensive curated guide to help you find the finest handcrafted, high quality European toys, wooden toys, Learning Tower Kitchen Step Stool Platforms, Wooden Play Kitchens, handmade dolls, playhouses, games, and baby gifts.  We are continuously adding new heirloom wooden toys, wooden rocking horses, wee walker wagons, baby toys, HABA toys, Kathe Kruse dolls, Selecta toys, German toys, Waldorf toys, wood puzzles, wooden blocks, furniture + wooden rocking horses, wooden rocking horse sweden, toddler toys and learning toys, and coming soon little colorado rocking horse, so please check back often!


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