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Home: Heirloom Wooden Blocks

Heirloom Wooden Blocks

HABA Basic Building Blocks - Large Starter Set

This HABA 60-piece set of wooden building blocks is the perfect starter set!  Excellent quality; hard wood blocks. Made in Germany. more>

Tegu Tints Magnetic Blocks

HABA Eeny Meeny Miny Zoo Blocks

Made in Germany

HABA Little Garden Pegging Game

Made in Germany

Wooden ABC Alphabet Blocks

Made in the USA


Wooden ABC Alphabet Blocks with Wooden Wagon

Made in the USA

Natural Wooden ABC Blocks
with W
ooden Storage Tray

Made in the USA

Natural Wooden ABC Blocks

Made in the USA

The ORIGINAL KAPLA Building Blocks
Made of French Marine Pine

The Kapla Building Blocks are one our all-time favorite, classic toys.  Children of all ages and adults love to build with these ingeniously-designed blocks.  Kapla blocks are often on display in museums across the USA - and young and old can be found engaged in designing and building for hours.  KAPLA building planks are made of Marine Pine wood from France.  In stock in all Kapla size sets (100, 200, 280, and 1000 pieces and all Kapla color block sets! more>


HABA Wooden Building Blocks - Extra Large Starter Set - 102 pieces!

Our HABA Building Blocks Extra Large Starter Set provides hours of imaginative and creative play!  These blocks are sturdily crafted and beautifully designed, and are sure to become a cherished heirloom toy to be passed along to generations of children.  more>


HABA Motley World - Colorful World - Wonderful World! 43-Piece Set

Our HABA 43-piece set of wooden figures, animals, and birds makes building with blocks even more fun!  more>

HABA Picnic Wooden Figure Set  

Wooden Animals, Figures,Trees, Picnic Bench and Chairs set


Wooden Manhattan Blocks
Wooden Manhattan Blocks

Finely crafted wooden Manhattan city blocks (54 piece set)
with wooden base for easy stacking, made in Europe.

Wooden U.S. Presidents Blocks
Wooden U.S. Presidents U.S. Flag Blocks

Finely crafted wooden blocks (45 piece set) with storage box
featuring portraits and information for all of the U.S. Presidents
and assembles into a puzzle of the United States flag
on the reverse side of the blocks.
Excellent quality - MADE IN the USA!

Large Hollow Building Blocks - 16 Blocks Set


Large Hollow Building Blocks - 27 Blocks Set


HABA Cordoba Wooden Building Blocks - Bright, Cheerful, Whimsical set of 16 blocks for little ones

HABA Cordoba Wooden Blocks

HABA's wonderful Cordoba Building Blocks are full of surprises: a little jingling bell, a prism, encased rattling pearly beads, a mirror, and lots of topsy-turvy bright designs.  Set includes 16 smooth, finely sanded beech wood pieces  For ages 1 year and up.  more>


HABA Sevilla Wooden Building Blocks - Set of 25 blocks

HABA Sevilla Wooden Blocks

The HABA Sevilla 25-piece set of colorful, whimsical building blocks is perfect for imaginative play. more

HABA Sakrada Building Blocks

haba sakrada wooden building blocks box
HABA Sakrada Building Blocks

HABA's award-winning wooden Sakrada Building Blocks are cheerful, whimsical, magical wooden building blocks, featuring lots of topsy-turvy bright designs.  A wonderful, unique building blocks set that will keep young children busily employed using their imaginations!


HABA Torrino Tower Building Blocks
haba torrino wooden building blocks box

HABA's charming wooden Torrino Tower Building Blocks are an instant favorite: children and adults love them!  They are cheerful, whimsical, elegant, and unique wooden building blocks that help to build imaginations and dexterity.

HABA Discovering Technics - Optics Building Blocks Set


with Optical & Moving Gear Elements

Made in Germany


HABA Quadrino Blocks Arranging Game


$49.95  $26.95

HABA Discovery Blocks
Haba Discovery Blocks

These cheerful wooden blocks have lots of fun surprises - bells to ring, buttons to squeak, and more.  Wonderful for little hands exploring the world! more>

HABA Sticki-Blocks

Wonderful first wooden blocks are especially fun for young children.  This colorful set of Sticky Bricks building blocks gives baby added confidence when stacking blocks, while also improving coordination skills.  Each block has pegs and holes that fit together to help stacked blocks stay in place. Available in sets of 13 pieces or 27 pieces.  Ages 1-3.


HABA Fantasy Land Jigsaw Blocks

Our HABA Fantasy Land 40-piece set of wooden blocks can be arranged and re-arranged in endless whimsical ways.  A wonderful first set of blocks for ages 18 months and up. more>


HABA Kaleidoscopic Blocks 13-Piece Set

Our HABA 13-piece set of wooden blocks with colorful acrylic prisms enclosed are wonderful accents for building blocks, and also are fun for stacking and arranging on their own. more>

HABA Noah's Ark Set 

HABA Noah's Ark - Wooden Noah's Ark Set with Wooden Figures

This wooden Noah's Ark set encourages  imaginative play, as Noah and his wife and 18 pairs of wooden animals go aboard the ark.  more>


 HABA Land of Dragons - Dragonland Wooden Stacking Puzzle Blocks

The HABA Dragonland wooden blocks can be arranged and re-arranged in endless whimsical ways.  A wonderful first set of blocks for ages 2 years and up. more>

HABA Cathedral Blocks

The HABA Cathedral Wooden Block 18-piece Set can be stacked and arranged in countless imaginative, ways from a soaring cathedral to a little village.  A great gift idea for children ages 18 months to 4 years.  more>

HABA Little Amsterdam Building Blocks
haba little amsterdam building blocks

haba little amsterdam building blocks

Children enjoy endless imaginative play with these beautiful wooden building blocks, creating entire little cities with rows of houses, little lanes and bridges. more>

HABA Ghost Tower & Knight's Castle Blocks
haba ghost castle wooden building blocks
haba ghost castle wooden building blocks

This terrific HABA wooden blocks building set includes everything you need to design and build your own little kingdoms:  wooden knights, dragon, table & chairs, horses, trees, and of course, the tower ghost!  more>


HABA Domino Race Game - 221 Pieces !
HABA Domino Race Game

Children have endless fun with HABA's cheerful wooden domino race game.  Stack the dominos and run them up hills and down.  The dominos ring the bell and keep on going!   more>


HABA Ball Track Construction Set with Marbles 

HABA Ball Track Construction Set - Marbles and Wooden Blocks

The HABA Ball Track Construction Set offers of hours of fun building, experimenting with gravity, and investigating construction principles -- well, actually it's just so much fun the kids won't even realize how much they are learning in the process!  This classic, hard wood ball run building blocks set provides endless fun; amazing HABA quality made in Germany.  more>

HABA Ball Track Master Building Set Marble Run Blocks with Metal Whirlwind 

HABA Ball Track Construction Set - Marbles and Wooden Blocks

The HABA Ball Track Master Building Set is a more advanced wooden blocks construction set with lots of accessories for building endless marble ball run designs.  The Master Building Set includes 77 pieces of beautiful, high quality beech wood blocks, a metal whirlwind, a jingling bell, marble maze and more for creating SUPER marble tracks! Amazing HABA quality made in Germany.  more>

HABA First Blocks Wooden Building Blocks
haba first blocks wooden building blocks

This colorful set of high quality first blocks includes a little wooden car with wooden gnome and six wooden blocks in different shapes, with lots of fun acoustic and visual surprises for baby. more>



HABA Windows and Doors - 11-Piece Set
The HABA Windows & Doors building blocks set is a wonderful addition to building blocks play.  The door swings open and closed. more>


HABA Balcony - 14-Piece Set
The HABA 14-piece balcony building blocks set is a wonderful addition to our HABA building blocks sets.  more>

HABA Colored / Colorful Wooden Blocks 30-Piece Acessory Set
The HABA 30-piece set of natural, untreated beech wood blocks are fun for young children and architects alike, and they add bright, cheerful accents to the HABA wooden blocks sets. more>

KEVA Planks Building Blocks

Made in the USA of hard wood Maple.

Natural building blocks made in the USA of Midwestern USA hard wood Maple wood.  Each block is the same size - children and adults enjoy creating creatures, towers, castles, landscapes, or whatever else comes to the imagination - all without any screws, glue, or snaps.  A unique open-ended building toy introducing kids and parents to stacking, building, designing, engineering and cool construction. Sets include an illustrated instruction book with basic building concepts, game ideas, and lots more for endless fun with KEVA planks. more>

HABA Capitol Blocks

Domes and arches in this wooden building blocks set create all the style and grandeur of the United States Capitol as well as many State Capitol  and municipal buildings.  Just as our founding fathers had a creative vision, children use their imaginations to create innovative buildings and monuments.  (A great gift for the young U.S. history buff or aspiring future senator or president!  Also a great gift to grace the desk of your favorite Washington, DC professional or politico!  Building blocks can help to get the creative intellectual juices flowing.)  70 pieces in 25 shapes.  Instructions included.  more>


HABA Pyramid Blocks Set - 
HABA / T.C. Timber Architectural Blocks HABA Pyramid Wooden Blocks Set - T.C. Timber Pyramid Blocks

The construction techniques that the Egyptians used to build the pyramids are truly a mystery.  Children have fun assembling the block formations to create the pyramid and solve the mystery!  This wonderful pyramid wooden blocks set is great for imaginative play, problem solving, and building dexterity.  more>

HABA Russian Blocks Set - 
HABA / T.C. Timber Architectural Blocks
HABA Russian Blocks Set - Wooden Architectural Blocks

The forms and shapes of these smooth blocks evoke the architecture of the vast and culturally diverse Russian Empire.  Assemble the different blocks to create your own Russian landmarks!  more>

HABA Leaning Tower of Pisa Blocks / T.C. Timber Architectural Blocks
HABA Leaning Tower of Pisa Wooden Blocks - T.C. Timber

Assemble the high quality hardwood blocks in the HABA / T.C. Timber Leaning Tower of Pisa blocks set to create one of the most famous landmarks in the world.


HABA Wooden Japanese Blocks Set
HABA Japanese House Pagoda Blocks Set - Wooden Blocks - 0470

The Far East is a land of mystery and intrigue. One of the oldest cultures in the world also has one of the most beautiful forms of architecture. Complicated multi-tier roofs and ornate pagodas allow the builder to create temples, palaces, or calming formal gardens.  These wonderful building blocks foster open-ended imaginative play while honing motor skills.  Ages 3+.  more>


HABA Baroque Wooden Blocks Set

Create imaginative buildings with a theatrical flair. This set evokes the dynamism and energized forms reminiscent of the Post-Renaissance era. A time that saw this expressive architectural style raised to the level of high art. 86 pieces in 25 shapes.  These wonderful building blocks foster open-ended imaginative play while honing motor skills.  Ages 3+.  more>

HABA Coliseum Wooden Blocks Set

Reenact ancient Gladiator matches with this large block set replicating the Roman Coliseum. This set brings the grand style of ancient day Rome to the new millennium with great detail. The HABA Coliseum Block set includes 110 pieces in 7 shapes. Ages 3+.  more>


HABA Skycrapers Wooden Blocks Set

The towers are growing higher and higher up into the sky . . . Children love to build towers with blocks, and with these large, easy to hold blocks they can build an impressive city skyline!.  All that is needed is a bit of skill and imagination.  Trees, figures, and a small dog fill the city with life.  What fun!  Children develop stacking skills and spatial skills while they use their imaginations to bring the city to life.  (Adults will want to play with them too!)  Ages 3+.  more>

HABA Logic Blocks

The Logic Building Blocks are more than mere building blocks! This building block system was specially designed to stimulate the natural learning process. Through play, children discover shapes and quantities, spatial dimensions, and physical laws.  259 pieces.  more>

 HABA Counting Blocks

Our HABA counting blocks wooden blocks set helps little builders learn spatial and mathematic concepts by doing - the best way to learn!.  The set has a total of 120 pieces. more>

Little Wooden Castle Mini-Blocks

Create all sorts of European style castles and villages with our charming little 150-piece wooden castle blocks set.  Comes stored in a nice wooden box with sliding top.  A great gift idea!  more>

HABA Tiny Town Puzzle/Blocks

These cheerful wooden blocks can be arranged like a puzzle on the base, and re-arranged on the base (or on the table or floor) in countless ways.  Lots of fun for little hands exploring the world! more>

HABA Rainbow Stacking Tower

This wonderful Montessori and Waldorf-style toy is our favorite stacking toy!   The discs can be arranged and re-arranged in any way little hands see fit; large to small, small to large, and any configuration in between.  more>

Wooden Tool Kit

Quality wood tool box for up-and-coming craftsmen!  This cheerful wooden tool box has a handle for easy portability and is filled with a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, ruler, wood, screws plus nuts and bolts.  more>


Wooden Tool Kit

More finely crafted HABA Toys



Thank you for your interest in our guide to help you discover the finest handcrafted, high quality European toys, wooden toys, handmade dolls, playhouses, games, and baby gifts. We are continuously adding new wooden blocks, puzzles, heirloom wooden toys, baby toys, HABA toys, Kathe Kruse toys, Selecta toys, German toys, toddler toys and learning toys, so check back often!


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KETTLER Kettcars, Tricycles, Bikes & Scooters

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Rube Goldberg Style Schmeckenbecker Kinetic Contraptions Kit
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