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Selecta Variola
Wooden Balls & Ball Run Blocks for Toddlers
Made in Germany

A wonderful Ball Run for little ones; older kids (and grown-ups!) love to play with it too!

Now toddlers can enjoy a ball run of their own, and have fun building and designing all sorts of different ball run track configurations.  The large wooden balls are easy for little hands to grasp and manipulate, and little ones have fun experimenting with the nice chunky wooden blocks and ball run chutes, with a bell that rings as the ball whizzes by.  A fun activity to keep toddlers engaged, while helping to develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

This ball track is so much fun, we have found that children ages 6 and 8 love to play with it as much as the little ones do -- a fun activity for younger and older kids to play together!  (With two kits children love to design tracks and race to the finish line to see whose little bell will ring first!  Lots of fun to build and race - solo or with others.)

Ages 18 months +. Made in Germany.

The Variola Ball Track System includes 21 wooden track pieces in varying shapes and angles, 1 wooden starting base, 1 winner's bell, and 2 large wooden balls.

Selecta Variola Dimensions:
Largest wooden block: 5.5 in. x 1.5 in. x 1 in.
Wooden Balls: 2 in. diameter

WARNING: Not suitable for children under 18 months.  
Danger of injuries in the area of the throat

$199.00  $182.37

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Enlarge View

View Selecta Variola Ball Track LAYOUTS - have fun building them all with your child!

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See more Selecta Variola Ball Track layouts - have fun building them all with your child!


Selecta wooden toys are made of natural wood maple, birch beech and pine, which makes Selecta toys attractive to the eye, pleasing to the touch, and long lasting.  These wooden toys are sure to become favorite heirloom toys.  Selecta uses only environmentally friendly water-soluble varnishes and colors to emphasize and enhance the unique natural beauty of the different woods. The colors are completely non-toxic and are also used in food production.

A special heat transfer printing process gives the pictures their particularly vivid, bright, and endearing look.  An additional beeswax finish is applied to the surfaces of the baby toys, giving Selecta toys a soft, velvety seal which allows the warm golden tones of the wood to shine through.

Selecta toys are tested to meet or exceed European and worldwide toy safety standards.

Selecta makes truly beautifully designed heirloom toys.

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