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Selecta Arcadia Wooden Blocks
Magical, Dream-World Building Blocks
Made in Germany

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Winner of several German toy awards.

Selecta Arcadia Wooden Blocks 

The Selecta Arcadia Wooden Blocks are some of the coolest little wooden blocks we have found.  Build tall towers or little villages, and these curvy, colorful wooden blocks seem to magically come to life in a whimsical, dream-world way.  We also appreciate that these little blocks are relatively light-weight.  (See more detail/inspiration on using the Arcadia blocks below.)

For ages 1 year and up.  (Also a nice set of blocks for the office - keep the creative juices flowing!)

Made in Germany.  

The Selecta Arcadia Wooden Blocks set includes 20 building blocks and 4 roof blocks, and a booklet with fun game ideas.

Selecta Arcadia Wooden Block Size: 2 in. x 1.5 in.  x 1.5 in. (average block size) 


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More on the Selecta Arcadia Wooden Blocks Set 
(excerpted from the instruction booklet that comes with the set):

Building blocks do more than any other toy to positively influence the creativity and dexterity of our children.  They can build, balance, experiment and generally experience the satisfaction of seeing the immediate results of their work.  These sturdy building blocks are particularly suited to little hands because they are stable and no inclined to fall over at the merest touch.  With Arcadia blocks, colourful towers, houses and even little villages appear in no time at all.  Every building has a different look due to the variety of colours and the way the various blocks lean.  Will your tower stand?

Children learn to discern colour and shape variations and they meet leaning towers for the first time too.  With these blocks, building is really fun!  You can also use Acadia as an interesting extension to an ordinary set of blocks.  There are various ways for children from 1 year old to play.  For example, they can try to build a house with blocks all exactly the same colour, or build one with blocks all colours of the rainbow, or to see how far they can get a tower to lean over before it collapses.  There is really ho limit to the ways they can use their imagination.

The Selecta Arcadia blocks booklet also includes fun game ideas for young children to play together.

Selecta wooden toys are made of natural wood maple, birch beech and pine, which makes Selecta toys attractive to the eye, pleasing to the touch, and long lasting.  These wooden toys are sure to become favorite heirloom toys.  Selecta uses only environmentally friendly water-soluble varnishes and colors to emphasize and enhance the unique natural beauty of the different woods. The colors are completely non-toxic and are also used in food production.

A special heat transfer printing process gives the pictures their particularly vivid, bright, and endearing look.  An additional beeswax finish is applied to the surfaces of the baby toys, giving Selecta toys a soft, velvety seal which allows the warm golden tones of the wood to shine through. Selecta makes truly beautifully designed heirloom toys.

Selecta toys are tested to meet or exceed European and worldwide toy safety standards.

Selecta toys are tested to meet or exceed European and worldwide toy safety standards.

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