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HomePlay Silks & Silk Costumes: Sarah's SilksSarah's Silks Play Silks: Sarah's Silks Play Silks - MINI

Sarah's Silks MINI Play Silks / Dancing Scarves


Children love to play with the wonderful, durable yet incredibly soft play silks in countless imaginative ways. The silks instantly become princess gowns, wizards' capes, veils, skirts, shelter (walls and roofs for a fort, for example), curtains, lakes and rivers to jump over...  The possibilities are endless! Now available in a smaller ("mini") dancing scarf 21 in. x 21 in. size.

Play Silks / Dancing Scarves
(21 x 21 in.)

Mini Play Silks
Enlarge View

Playsilks are a basic ingredient for children’s imaginative play. Silks can be used to create elaborate costumes, build forts, create landscapes and water for boats and animals, and much more.

The Mini Play Silks / Dancing Scarves are light, flowing silk. 21 in. x 21 inch square. Hand hemmed. Dyed with non-toxic dyes in the USA. Packaged in a lively paper wrapper that gives ideas for play.  (In contrast, Sarah's Silks Original / Regular size play silks are 35 in. x 35 in.)

MINI Play Silk / Dancing Scarf (21 in.) - Set of 2
(Set of 2 Includes Rainbow and Starry Night Sky Mini Play Silk Scarves)

$21.95  $19.95

Best Price Sarah's Silks Mini Play Silks Set of 2


You may also like these beautiful Seasons Play Silks Sets - in beautiful colors for Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer!  We have only found these beautiful seasonal color play silk palettes/sets here - Great LOW PRICES, also!

Click to Seasons Play Silks Sets
Low prices and great additional savings on the sets


Click to find Best Prices for very similar, beautiful Play Silks / Baby Silks

Soft Play Silks

Enlarge View


See more Beautiful Play Silks


Best Prices for Play Silks available as individual play silks,
sets of 7, and sets of 14 (for even greater savings).  Available in a complete range of beautiful pastel colors, and jewel tone colors.

You may also like the standard size play silks.  Standard size play silks are 35 in. x 35 in.; mini size play silks are 21 in. x 21 in.

Enlarge View - Sarah's Silks Rainbow Silk



Have fun with your play silks!  (What toy could do all of this?)

* wrap around the waist like a skirt

* tie as a cape

* use two and make genie pants

* fashion a veil

* use for a magic trick

* spread on the floor as a river or lake (then jump over it!)

* play peek-a-boo with baby

* dance with one (or two)

* use as a doll sling

* wrap a present

* make a pouch

* create walls for a fort

create a ceiling for a fort 
(use our wooden play clips to clip a silk over two chairs)

hang a curtain for a puppet show

fold one into a silk bunny (see instructions)

There are so many ways to play with a play silk!  
A wonderful way for children to use their imaginations and really play!

Enlarge View

See Original size (35 in. x 35 in.) Sarah's Silks Play Silks.

You may also like:

Wooden Play Clips

Create castles, forts, caves, and starry night skies with your play silks!  Our wooden play clips are great for clipping play silks to play stands, tables and chairs.  Their large size make them easy for kids to use, and they add a great deal to the children's imaginative play with play silks.

Sarah's Silks Large Silk Scapes

Make a folded Bunny with a Sarah's Play Silk for Easter morning (or any day)!

See Silk Bunny Folding Instructions (photo coming soon!)


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