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Safe Ceramic Baby / Children's Dishes Set
Lead-Free and Plastic-Free
Made in the USA


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Safe Ceramic Baby & Children's Dish Sets - SHAMROCK
Includes Baby Plate, Baby Cup, and Baby Bowl

A wonderful lucky gift for lucky little ones!

Hooray! Finally a beautiful, safe ceramic baby dishes set that is MADE IN THE USA, lead-free and non-toxic. We know from personal experience how difficult it is to find child-safe dishes and tableware. We almost purchased a ceramic dish set for our own family from one of the best known national catalog/websites, until a pop-up box at checkout warned us that those dishes were illegal in California. We thought, "Huh?! If it's not safe enough for Californians we don't want it either!"  So we searched to find the very best, non-toxic, lead-free ceramic baby dish set that is made right here in the USA, and here they are!  We are happy to offer you the best of the best safe baby & children's dish sets.

Each SHAROCK Safe Ceramic Baby & Children's Set Includes:

Made in the USA Ceramic Baby & Children's Dish
The safe, lead-free ceramic baby & children's dish / plate is the perfect size for a child's food serving, and it has a slightly raised rim that keeps food on the dish (which means less food on baby's clothes)!

Made in the USA Ceramic Baby & Children's Cup
This charming, chunky little safe ceramic baby & children's mug features an easy-to-grasp, rounded handle that fits small hands perfectly. This baby mug is surprisingly lightweight and easy for children to lift for a sip.

Made in the USA Ceramic Baby & Children's Bowl
The safe ceramic baby & children's bowl included in this set features a wide rim to keep food inside the bowl (instead of on your little one) and helps keep the bowl nicely balanced on the tray or table.  

Made in the USA Ceramic Baby & Children's Dish Set Dimensions:
Mug: 3 in. H x 2 1/2 in. W
Bowl: 5 1/2 in. W x 1 1/2 in. H
Plate: 7 1/2 in. W

Made in the USA


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