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Hand-Crafted Kathe Kruse Punch Theater
and Puppet Theater Set with Five Finger Puppets

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Our charming Kathe Kruse finger puppet theater sets the stage for wonderful imaginative play!  Choose either the theater alone (pictured above), or the theater set including the five handcrafted fairytale finger puppets pictured above.  Each finger puppet is unique and handcrafted with enchanting detail; they have wooden hand-painted faces, wool hair, and adorable outfits.  Children will enjoy bringing fairy tales to life with these fairy tale finger puppets; the puppet theater set also includes puppet sticks that can be used for more versatile puppet performances.  The theater is finely crafted of high-quality materials: a wooden base and curtain rod, 100% cotton canvas, and magical celestial print theater curtains.  A wonderful invitation for imaginative play, and a delightful gift idea!  Ages 3 and up.

Kathe Kruse Puppet Theater Punch with Finger Puppets:
Finger Puppets: L 3.5 x H 4 inches
Punch Theater: L 11.5 x H 13 inches

Kathe Kruse Theater Punch Set with Five Fairytale Finger Puppets

$70.00  $65.95

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