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About Plan Toys 
Green, Safe, Smart Toys!

We carry a great selection of Plan Toys wooden Railway and Roadway sets, Wooden Musical Instrument Toys, Wooden Dollhouse Set, Wooden Play Food, Rocking Horse and lots more!

PlanToys, Inc. is one of the world’s leading green manufacturer of environmentally friendly, safe and educational wooden toys.  The company philosophy is reflected in three simple words: Green, Safe, Smart.

At PlanToys, Inc., green has always been a lifestyle, not just a color or trend.  Since 1981, the company has been committed to creating eco-friendly, natural wooden toys that respect the environment. A green production process at the toy factory in Thailand starts with preservative-free, aging rubberwood trees (Hevea Brasiliensis) that no longer provide sufficient latex to thrive in the environment. These trees would previously have been burned into charcoal, releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide and adding significantly to the level of greenhouse gases. PlanToys, Inc. employees recycle this wood through a
time-consuming, chemical-free process of kiln-drying, which stabilizes the natural
rubber wood, making it suitable for safe manufacturing.  Each toy is then carefully crafted using non-formaldehyde glue for all joinery and water-based, nontoxic soy ink for accent color. A green company mindset at the eco-sensitive toy factory is dedicated to training employees to conserve electrical power, reduce waste, recycle paper and respect nature. PlanToys, Inc. supports community projects that encourage a connection with nature and
build social awareness for global environmental issues. Each year, PlanToys, Inc. renews its commitment to forest conservation through a company trip that brings employees to various areas of Thailand to plant new trees.

Plan Toys is the first (and as of this writing the only) company to pass and receive the EO Standard certification (E-Zero – the highest safety standard of exposure to formaldehyde in wooden products or toys). It is also the first wooden toy manufacturer to acquire SA8000 – the Social Accountability Standard certification. PlanToys proudly provides a wholesome and safe working environment, emphasizing the right to self-sustainable development, guaranteed fair wages, no discrimination, and no use of child labor.

All PlanToys® are crafted, assembled, painted and packaged with the PlanToys, Inc. factory. Strict control of materials and craftsmanship assures the manufacturing of safe toys within a safe work environment. Uncompromising attention to safety detail is evident through child-friendly design techniques including rounded corners, non-chokeable play parts, shorter string lengths on pull toys, secure pivots for rotating parts, non-formaldehyde glue for all joinery, permanently contained water and sound trinkets in specific toys, and appealing bright colors made exclusively with water-based dyes and soy ink. Intense years
of thorough research and testing guarantee that PlanToys meet and maintain the company’s stringent safety standards that reach above and beyond federal regulations.
At PlanToys, Inc., providing an unequivocally safe work environment for employees is as important as creating a 100% safe toy. Productive, risk-free work stations, meticulous maintenance on all manufacturing equipment, a fulltime company nurse, professional child care services, conservation training and a subsidized lunch program that reinforces recycling values are all company commitments that demonstrate the PlanToys, Inc. dedication to safety for employees, the environment and ultimately, the consumer.

PlanToys engage and entertain the total child to encourage physical, emotional and intellectual development. Beautifully crafted to remain timeless collectibles, PlanToys offer a wide range of classic wooden themes expressed in contemporary, innovative designs. Child developmental experts guide the initial design of each toy to strategically incorporate educational concepts with traditional play values. Because PlanToys consistently build imagination, inspire creativity and reward discovery, the company has won numerous international awards throughout the U.S.A., Europe, Japan and Thailand.
An investment in PlanToys is a smart commitment; one that assures safe, educational and fun play for children while supporting a healthy ecosystem for the planet.

Plan Toys Safety Information

European Safety Standards (EN71)

All PlanToys products carry the CE mark showing that they meet the EN71 safety standards. The EN71 toy safety requirements were established in 1990 for all toys sold in the European Union. Toys that carry the CE mark are also phthalate free. The other symbol below is used to indicate that a toy has small parts or other features that are unsuitable for children less than three years old.

International Standards (ASTM)

Originally known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, the ASTM is recognized as the largest voluntary standard development organization in the world. The Consumer Products division of ASTM International has established industry recognized safety requirements for toys intended for use by children under age 14. Plan Toys toys fully comply with all the ASTM safety standards.

See Plan Toys

PlanCity Parking Garage

We love the NEW design for this classic wooden parking garage.  The interior parking garage elevator tower is lots of fun:  in go the cars and up they go higher and higher until they zoom down again. 

PlanCity Parking Garage dimensions: 19.3 x 13.8 x 13  inches

Ages 3+.


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Sometimes known as Vietnamese Animal Instruments, our wooden musical frog, cricket and owl instruments are delightful!  The native American Indian hand-carved flute is a work of art to be cherished by children and adults alike.  Try calling the children to dinner by playing a melody of your own.  Thank you for your interest in our extensive family of handcrafted, high quality European toys, wooden toys, handmade dolls, and playhouses.  We are continuously adding new wooden toys, baby toys, HABA toys, Kathe Kruse toys, Selecta toys, german toys, Family Pastimes games, toddler toys and learning toys, so please check back often!  If you can't find what you are looking for, or if you have suggestions for baby toys or European toys you'd like to see us carry, please email us!


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