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Home:  Magical Home DecorLearning Tower: Children's Kitchen Step Stools Kids

Children's Kitchen Step Stools
Kids love to help with Baking &
Projects at the Kitchen Counter!

Kitchen Step Stools for children make baking projects and other kitchen-counter-helper projects safer and lots more fun!

Learning Tower Kids' Kitchen Step Stool Platform - Natural Finish

$20 off and FREE Standard USA SHIPPING*

(Your price with discount will be $179.99 and Free Standard Shipping)

A high-quality, sturdy children's Kitchen Step Stool is a wonderful addition to any home where young children are invited to help out under their caregivers' supervision at the kitchen counter.  Baking with parents, helping out with a project, children very much enjoy and appreciate being right in the action and learning how to help with kitchen baking and projects.

Chairs Pushed up to the Kitchen Counter lead to children slipping, falling off, and pinching fingers

In the (not-so-long-ago) old days, the only option for a kitchen step stool to allow children to help out at the kitchen counter at counter-height was to push a chair or step-ladder up to the counter or sink.  Chairs pushed up to the counter are notoriously NOT stable, tippy, and even if they are stable, the child often forgets his or her footing and takes a step a little too far over and risks falling off or slipping off the chair or step-ladder.  Chairs pushed up to the counter also quite often lead to badly pinched fingers when a child's fingers get caught between the chair and the counter:  ouch!  Pinched fingers really hurt!

The multi-Award-Winning Learning Tower Kids' Kitchen Step stools allow children to help out at the kitchen counter in a sturdy, exceptionally stable space that can accommodate up to 2 children side-by-side.  Available in colors to match every kitchen decor!

For kitchens with less space, the foldable Kitchen Helper Kids' Step Stool Platform is a nice alternative children's kitchen stepping stool, since it can be folded flat for storage when not in use.

Kitchen Helper Kids' Step Stool
Folds flat for easy storage;
includes built-in chalkboard & dry-erase drawing boards


Our Own Home Experience with the Learning Tower Kitchen Step Stool for Kids

At Blueberry Forest, we actually use and test the products we sell, and we only sell products that stand up to our own demanding standards for use in our own home.  When our (now 9-year-old daughter) was very little we had not yet discovered the Learning Tower (or the alternative for smaller kitchens, the foldable Guidecraft Kitchen Helper kids' kitchen step stool.)  So our little daughter, and later our little daughter and her little sister, spent many countless hours perched on a kitchen chair helping out at the kitchen counter with baking projects, or just rolling up their sleeves and pushing boats around the kitchen sink.  With the two girls we would have two chairs pushed up to the counter side-by-side.  The chairs pushed up to the counter did not work well (We still remember the feeling we got when it looked like someone was about to slip or fall off the chair!)  But at the time we had not yet discovered a good alternative. 

Children love to help with Baking and other Kitchen Counter Projects

Our little girls have always LOVED, LOVED, LOVED helping out at the kitchen counter (several years later, they still do, but now they can reach the counter pretty well without standing on a step stool).  We baked beautiful cookies with our medieval reproduction cookie molds, we made wonderful Dragon Breads (bread shaped like a dragon) and other breads sculpted into turtles or teddy bears or whatever shapes the children thought up, we made shortbread with charming Brown Bag shortbread pans.  Mostly the little girls LOVED to roll up their sleeves and put stuff in the sink and splash around while Mama did the dishes along side them or got dinner ready.  Our girls now can pretty much stand at the kitchen counter (maybe with the help of tippy toes) without the need for a step stool.  But now we have a gang of little boys who also love to help out at the kitchen counter, and, (lucky for them!) they have a much more stable, sturdy, happy kitchen step stool environment than their sisters did early on!

 Learning Tower Platform Height is Easily Adjustable to Accomodate different Heights and grow with your child(ren); Two Children can Work Together Comfortably Side-by-Side on ONE Learning Tower platform.

The Kitchen Step Stool we have used in our own home for more than 5 years is the Learning Tower (natural finish).  Our girls were so excited to have a comfortable, sturdy step stool to allow them to work confidently side-by-side at the kitchen counter under their parents' supervision.  No more tippy, pinchy chairs pushed up to the counter!  When our little boys first saw the Learning Tower they were thrilled; they thought it was a wooden pirate ship just for them.  And it was and still sometimes is a pirate ship.  But the best and highest use we have found for the Learning Tower is the intended primary use:  the Learning Tower is a wonderfully sturdy, amazingly strong and well-crafted, beautiful Kitchen Step Stool that allows children to help out at a comfortable level at the kitchen counter, without fear of tipping or losing their footing, and without pinched fingers that come from pushing chairs up to the counter.  The Learning Tower platform is easy to remove and easy to adjust for different heights, so it also grows with your children.  We love that two of our children can comfortably work together and play together side-by-side at the kitchen counter without fear of losing their footing or slipping off or pinching fingers.

Children Gain Confidence and Focus on the Kitchen Counter Project at Hand

When children are able to confidently work at the kitchen counter alongside their caregivers, on a very sturdy kitchen step stool platform area, without fear of slipping or falling off, they gain confidence and can better focus on helping out with the baking and other kitchen projects.  When two children are working side-by-side, their is also less jockeying for position (precariously) as they would be if they were perched on two chairs pushed together.

 Learning Tower Accessories & Imaginative Play:  It's a Pirate Ship!  a Puppet Theater!  a Play Store!  a Play Club!  And now also an ART EASEL option (art easel is a separate accessory)!

When our Learning Tower is not being used as a kitchen step stool platform for helping out with baking or other projects at kitchen counter height, the children find countless other imaginative play uses for the learning tower.  It is a club, it is a puppet theater, it is a pretend shop.  (The Learning Tower playhouse kit is great for expanding the play value of the Learning Tower well beyond kitchen step stool status!)  There also is now available in each of the Learning Tower color finishes Learning Tower ART EASEL accessories which allow the Learning Tower to be used as an Art Easel - without the need for a separate (bulky) art easel.  What a wonderful invention - we LOVE the Learning Tower Art Easel!!)  We are very impressed with the stability and sturdiness of the Learning Tower.  After more than 5 years of constant use, our Learning Tower still looks new.  (We have the Learning Tower in the Natural Finish; now the Learning Tower also is available in lots of other color finishes to match any kitchen decor.)

It is easy to see why the Learning Tower has one LOTS of Prestigious Awards!

We have stood on the platform ourselves (adults), we have even balanced on the top rails of the Learning Tower (to test how well the Learning Tower stays balanced), and we remain very impressed with the very sturdy quality, balance and excellent design of the Learning Tower.  (The Learning Tower has been tested to hold up to 500 pounds!)  We only wish that we had found the Learning Tower when our eldest child was a wee little girl because she seemed to enjoy working at the kitchen counter the most (or isn't it probably the case that an only child - as she was at the time - probably gets much more focused kitchen counter time with caregivers than do a bunch of kids?)  With the Learning Tower, whether you have one child or two children working side-by-side, they can confidently help out with kitchen & baking projects at comfortable counter height, without tippy-toes, without fear of tipping or slipping or falling off or pinching fingers.

We also have Learning Tower Art Easels in coordinating color finishes, and Learning Tower Play House Accessories.

See Learning Tower Color choices
Now available in Dark Cherry & Lots of Colors!

Enlarge View

(Cherry Learning Tower shown here)

More FEATURES & BENEFITS of the Learning Tower

$20 off and FREE Standard USA SHIPPING*

(Your price with discount will be $179.99 and Free Standard Shipping)
(*Only one coupon code may be used per order;
Learning Tower free shipping applies only in contiguous United States.)


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The Learning Tower is a wonderful addition to the kitchen and children's play room!  Thank you for your interest in our extensive family of handcrafted, high quality European toys, wooden toys, handmade dolls, playhouses, games, and baby gifts.  We are continuously adding new wonderful magical home furnishings and childrens decor items, blocks and puzzles, heirloom wooden toys, baby toys, HABA toys, Kathe Kruse toys, Selecta toys, Little Partners Learning Tower, German toys, toddler toys and learning toys, so please check back often!  If you can't find what you are looking for, or if you have suggestions for baby toys or European toys you'd like to see us carry, please Email us!



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