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Kathe Kruse ORGANIC Gugguli Girl
Made n Germany

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Kathy Kruse ORGANIC Gugguli Girl Soft Doll

Kathe Kruse's Gugguli soft dolls are perfect first dolls for babies, as they are easy for young hands to hold and grasp.  As they are used and loved the soft Gugguli dolls become reassuring companions for little ones, and the soft, ORGANIC natural cotton fabrics capture the familiar scents of mom or dad and becomes a comforting companion and reminder of loving parents. (Before giving a soft doll like the Gugguli doll to your baby, holding the doll close to you for a time will help impart your scent so that it will give your baby a comforting connection.)

The charming Kathe Kruse ORGANIC Gugguli Girl soft Waldorf Doll is made of soft ORGANIC 100% cotton materials (100% pink striped cotton jersey for the body, soft white ORGANIC soft cotton flannel for the hat and collar, and organic cotton stockinette for the face and hands; stuffed with organic wool.  A lovely ORGANIC soft towel doll for  little ones to grab, hold, and love (and gnaw on - for teething babies - and this dolls is ORGANIC with no pesticides to worry about!) For ages Newborn and up.

Made in Germany.

Dimensions:  approx. 9 in.


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