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HABA Coliseum Blocks
Master Builder Set

HABA Coliseum Wooden Blocks Set

Reenact ancient Gladiator matches with this large block set replicating the Roman Coliseum. This set brings the grand style of ancient day Rome to the new millennium with great detail. The HABA Coliseum Block set includes 110 pieces in 7 shapes, made of solid natural Beech Wood. Made in China under the direct supervision of HABA Germany.*  Ages 3+. 

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* Most of our HABA toys are made in Germany; the soft fabric toys and the architectural Master Builder Set blocks are made in China to the same exacting standards as are the HABA toys made in Germany.

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This HABA / T.C. Timber Pyramid wooden blocks set is an instant favorite and is a great gift idea!  Thank you for your interest in our extensive family of handcrafted, high quality European toys, wooden toys, handmade dolls, playhouses, games, and baby gifts.  We are continuously adding new wooden blocks, puzzles, heirloom wooden toys, baby toys, HABA toys, Kathe Kruse toys, Selecta toys, German toys, toddler toys and learning toys, so please check back often!  If you can't find what you are looking for, or if you have suggestions for baby toys or European toys you'd like to see us carry, please Email us!