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HABA Games

HABA Socken Zocken Game
Lucky Sock Dip

The Sock Monster has gotten into the sock drawer and has been rummaging around, leaving the socks in a heap.  It's a tricky job because the socks look very much alike!  A monstrously fun matching game for 2 to 6 players, ages 4 and up.  more>

$18.00 $16.19

HABA Pirate's Blast Game

A stormy westerly wind buffets the ship of the black pirate towards a treasure island! However the notorious Vladimir Windjammer has already pillaged the treasure and positions his cannon. Sailor-players create air gusts to move the ships along toward the treasure and away from the opponent's firing canons.
A duel over treasure for 2 skillful pirates ages 5 to 99.

$22.50 $20.24

HABA Florina Arranging Puzzle Game

Create beautiful patterns, designs, and beautiful flower garden images with HABA's Florina Arranging Game. more>

$49.95  $45.00

HABA Monza Race Car Game

Six racing cars are standing on the starting line, ready for the big race! But only the player who gets the right colors with the dice and makes clever combinations will be able to move rapidly ahead. Who will make clever combinations and thus use as many colors as thrown with the dice in order to get his or her racing car over the finishing line first?
A fun car racing game that encourages tactical thinking for 2 to 6 clever players ages 5 to 99. 

$22.50 $19.79

HABA Knuckling Knights Bring-Along Game



There is a lot of rumbling and thumping in the castle, as the knights run about inside the tower trying to find the secret door. But in the crush they all tumble out of the castle door. With some luck they won't fall into the pit. Whoever can free the most knights wins the tournament! more>

$20.00 $17.99

HABA Sleepy Princess and the Pea Game

Classic fairytale comes to life in this wonderfully fun princess and the pea game!  Players pile up cushions, blankets and mattresses over the pea for the "princess test"!  Multiple award-winning game!  more>

HABA Sleepy Princess and the Pea Game

$25.95  $24.94

HABA Animal Upon Animal Game
Animal Pile-Up Game
HABA Animal Upon Animal Game

The animals want to show how capable they
are at making a tall pyramid!  Players carefully stack the animals as they play this fun, wobbly stacking game. more>

$22.00  $19.79

HABA Domino Race Game - 221 Pieces !

Children have endless fun with HABA's cheerful wooden domino race game.  Stack the dominos and run them up hills and down.  The dominos ring the bell and keep on going!   more>

$71.00  $63.89

HABA Jungle Treasure Game

The adventurers have discovered treasure in the jungle.  Who will collect the most gemstones?  A fun game for 2-4 treasure hunters ages 6 and up.

$24.95 $22.50

HABA Brementown Musicians Game
A fun compact game for travel!



HABA Ball Track Construction Set with Marbles and Wooden Blocks/Track

Award Winner! Working Mother Magazine: One of the Year's Best Toys

This exciting marble rolling game is educational and fun, and parents and children can enjoy building new marble tracks together.  The high-quality hardwood blocks with grooves & holes can be combined in many different ways, and the marbles ring the bell at the end of the track to signal success.  This large wooden construction set includes 42 beech wood pieces and 6 glass marbles (comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard box).  more>

$90.00 $80.99

HABA Twiddle Turtle Game

Wooden turtles on wheels race and play ball in this cheerful, lively game of Turtle Olympics.  (Four fun game variations!) more>

$39.95 $34.95

HABA Snowmen Game

This fun game is inspired by the ever popular "parchisi" game.  Before the snowmen reach the finish, players must assembly their snowballs and roll them across snowy fields to get to the finish, all the while avoiding the sun and other pitfalls.  A competition game for 2-4 players, ages 4 and up, with a more game variation for players ages 6 and up.  Children have fun while building fine motor skills and learning tactical thinking.  Made in Germany. more>


HABA Number Dwarves - Hopskotch Dwarves Counting Game

Hotchpotch the imp has buried precious treasure in the Land of Numbers. By counting, feeling and with a lot of imagination, the Number Dwarves set off to search for the treasure.  But they must be careful, for the crafty elf is not far away. . . An educational game for first counting, for 2 - 4 number dwarves, ages 5 to 10.  more>


HABA Figure Tack Pic-Pac Nailing Game

Children have fun creating scenes by hammering the little wooden figures (including people, farm animals, trees, fences, etc.) into place.  Ages 3+.


$34.00  $30.59

HABA Picnic Wooden Figures Set


$19.95  $17.95

HABA The Black Pirate Game

In this seafaring game players sail from island to island across the sea, but they must be sure to sail away from the Black Pirate who is heading for their boats to pillage their treasure.  The sailor-players can escape the Black Pirate With some skillful maneuvering and the help of a gust of wind from the bellows. more>

$30.00 $28.95

HABA Comet Shower Game

Soft comets whiz through the air in this fun outdoor target game.


HABA Letter Dice Game
- Great for Travel!

Beginning spellers and more experienced word smiths will love this mini-word scrabble game.   Game comes in its own little handy storage tin, and includes 13 letter dice and an instruction booklet for three game ideas for 1-6 players. more>

$14.95  $12.50

HABA 1001 Nights Arranging Puzzle Game

Create beautiful patterns, designs, and dreamy night scapes with HABA's 1001 Nights Mosaic Set. 


HABA Indian Summer Puzzle Game

HABA's Indian Summer Mosaic Set is wonderful for creating endless patterns and designs, on the included wooden magnetic frame or on the refrigerator or other magnetic surface!

haba indian summer puzzle game

$45.00  $40.49

We also have a great selection of Cooperative Games.  See more Fun Games

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Thank you for your interest in our extensive family of handcrafted, high quality European toys, wooden toys, handmade dolls, and playhouses.  We are continuously adding new wooden toys, baby toys, HABA toys, Kathe Kruse toys, Selecta toys, german toys, Family Pastimes games, toddler toys and learning toys, so please check back often!  If you can't find what you are looking for, or if you have suggestions for baby toys or European toys you'd like to see us carry, please email us!
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