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HABA Sleepy Princess and the Pea Game

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HABA Princess and the Pea Game

This charming game is one of our favorite HABA games; it really captures the children's imaginations (and around here at Blueberry Forest sometimes the game's beds and mattresses end up in the Kinderkram dollhouse - such lovely dollhouse-size cushions and mattresses!)

Here's the gist of the game: Is the princess really a princess?  The players pile up cushions, blankets and mattresses for the "princess mattress test."  At the bottom of it all, of course, lies the pea!  This wobbly piling cooperative game has 2 variations, for 1-4 players.

In the beginners' version, players take turns rolling the die and add mattresses or remove them according to where the princess lands on the playing board.  If the tower falls over before all the mattresses have been piled up, everyone loses. If the players succeed in stacking all the pieces into one pile without the tower falling over, everyone wins.  (The game also has an advanced variation.)

Includes the fairytale story to read over and over again.

For ages 3+.

Game Contents: 1 princess, 1 pea, 4 bed sets (each with one mattress, blanket and cushion), 1 bed (4 parts), 1 die and instructions.

The HABA Sleepy Princess and the Pea Game comes with German, French and English instructions.  Also known as Die Erbsenprinzessin (German) and La Princesse au Petit Pois (French).

haba sleepy princess and the pea game
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Multiple Award-Winning Game!   
2005 Parents Magazine Best Holiday Toy
2005 Oppenheim 2005-06 Gold Seal Winner
2005 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice
2005 Family Fun Magazine: Winner Toy of The Year Competition - Games, 2005
Top T.O.Y. Winner

$25.95  $23..39

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